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Handmade favourites


Made by me for me. I quite literally have cases and cases of jewellery but these are the pieces I’ve been wearing quite a bit.

Bee necklace -> Long heart and diamante pendant -> Swan Locket -> Ship necklace -> Diamante hair clips -> Cameo in frame necklace. With the exception of the long heart pendant I have the supplies to make the rest for others.


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Recent acquisitions

You Should Never Allow a Bird to do your Hair by Sarah Ogren

Every Leaf is a Flower articulated paper doll set by Wool and Water

Waiting for the tide by My Folk Lover

I printed out a copy of The Swan’s Bride on archival paper if anyone wants it – just say.

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The Swan Bride

The Swan Bride

Ink, watercolour.

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The Widow Swan

The Swan Widow

Ink, acrylic, pencil on paper.

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Alice Floats


For Paris

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Inspired by the amazing work of The Black Apple (Emily W. Martin) I thought I might take up painting again myself. I started with acrylics and after struggling through this first painting I realised I can only really work in oils.

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