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The studio, part one

The beginnings of my studio. Far from complete, but working thus far.

Twine and pencil case and ueber kitsch oil painting


The workbench


More workbench


Workbench detail


Cabinet to hold all my supplies


Cabinet detail


Desk corner and pinboard


Desk detail


Another use for the clothesline


Inspiration books and journals


So much still to do!


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I picked up these gorgeous little ceramics at a thrift shop today for the princely sum of 50c each. So sweet.

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Working hard

Currently creating a mini-studio which is back-breaking but oh-so-worth it! I’ve managed to get all my screen printing gear out so I’ll be making some t-shirts etc. soonish. I also have my iPod plugged in to its dock finally. Lots of dancing to David Bowie whilst sorting.

The mini studio is in the garage, so it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as I would like but I’ve popped a couple of posters up and I do have a pretty desk and some great old trunks. Pictures soon.

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busy fingers


Two gorgeous prints from Hidden Eloise and two little necklaces by me, for me.

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the wall

More of the wall

A red painted craft letter N and a sweet mini print by Erin Paisley of eek design.

Next up, my ever helpful cat Poe assists me in putting books on a shelf.

Helper Poe

It is mighty warm at the moment here which I am finding annoying as I really want to start wearing all my new (and winter styled) clothes.

Busy fingers have been making myself some jewellery. Photos soon.

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Fox by Courtney Brims

Two sets of lovely postcards by Courtney Brims turned up today. Joy!

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I was royally spoiled this weekend by the aforementioned David and Anna. Amongst my purchases are a couple of special gifts.


Fox cup by a local potter bought at the markets

Bunny bookends, bought at Waxjambu in Bangalow. Also where I picked up my owl and horse hooks.

Lustreware (?) vase. A gift from Anna.

Stunning vintage frock courtesy of Anna (again!)

Silvertone feather brooch.


I’m exhausted but happy. A fantastic weekend.


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