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I am in awe of the fantastic collection of my good friends David and Anna. Anna collects gorgeous ceramics and fabulous vintage clothing and furniture. David collects… well, he collects lots of stuff, but most impressively, classic American cars and vintage car paraphernalia. I took over fifty photos of their marvellous goods today and it was hard to chose just a few to put up here.

On top of seeing their wondrous home, David and Anna took me to a market today and, if that wasn’t enough, Anna gave me some lovely old plates and two gorgeous vintage dresses. Heavenly!


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wood beez

woody goodness

Somehow yesterday’s shopping seemed to be all about wood. My prize and joy is Mr Bear, but I must say I am also rather keen on my horse hook which is currently holding one of my cloches.

Off to the markets today with Anna and David. Should be super fun!

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Can I make a gallery?


This is my ever evolving space. The next space I want to work on is a study/work room.





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New Loves

New loves for March


New loves top to bottom:

Black cloche looking very Dorothy Parker next to the vintage Underwood.

Pip Lincolne’s new book “Sew, La, Tea, Do” – lots of fun projects.

Target $40 Oxfords… can we say BARGAIN?

Gorgeous vintage fabric cushion by  collectingfeathers.

Thrifted shadow box $3 – filled with brooches and the Bodleian Library Oxford owl. Need to find some vintage doll parts to fill it up, or buy more brooches! Brooches include: vintage blue enamel swallow thrifted years ago – Sarah Ogren brooches – Collecting Feathers vintage child’s toy brooch – silver bow by me.

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I adore thrift shopping and Etsy is my weakness.  Purchases from the last few days on etsy:

Etsy early March


Left to Right

Vintage “N” brooch

Vintage cloche in camel

Gorgeous ceramic bear brooch by Sarah Ogren (sarahogren)

Print by meluseena

Print by MargaretMeyer

1927 International Order of Oddfellows convention medal

Print by sarahogren


I’ve also gone a bit batty at the local thrift stores and a tiny bit wild on ebay. More to come.

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Where I live…

I guess I should get to know you. Or you get to know me. What am I about, and why do I think anyone will want to read my blogged bits?

I think a good way to start is with pictures. Have a glimpse into my world. After all, I can’t be bothered typing the thousand words that a picture will save me.

Above: my bedroom. Recently I began to decorate it. So here is a glimpse.

Next up… me.

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