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Erstwilder, I’m a fan! Two gorgeous little resin critters coming soon to decorate my cardigans.

Sleeping Cat and Senor Sombrero Owl

Sleeping Cat and Senor Sombrero Owl


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Welcome Miss Nora

Coming to my place soon:

Nora the Deco Mannequin


She will look just tickety boo wearing my vintage repro hats!

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Making vintage style hats has sent me on a search for some of the real thing. Thanks to Poppycock Vintage Hats I now have some gorgeous cheapies… nothing over $20!

Vintage 60s velvet


40s - 60s wool


70s straw bowler


70s raffia contrast hat


I could have bought the lot, but money is tight. Of course if anyone wants to buy me a present…

I found some pretty vintage trims at the local Vinnies so I’ll be making more hats over the next few days and I promise photos and a giveaway!

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Present for me

I forgot that in my supply hunter mode I found something I had to get for myself.  From the quite wondrous etsy shop Memmori.

Beheaded woman medal

I do love medals, oh and waistcoats, and ties. This little jewel rocks my world.

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From Fallen Angel brass


I’ll readily admit that much of what I make isn’t that difficult to do. There are exceptions of course, but generally the skill level required is not so much on the high side. Where some of the skill comes in however is through the tracking down and purchasing of supplies. It can take me a couple of days to do a decent supply order. Much of what comes is fairly basic; earring hooks, brooch backs, head pins and jump rings. Some of what comes is quite fun like the angel wings pictured and I look forward to those parcels the most.

This week I have been tracking down feathers, glue, ribbon, velvet flowers, head bands and little gems. I also needed to do a big restock on chains and clasps. It isn’t very interesting stuff, but it is what keeps this tiny cottage (garage) industry going. And, this industry is going… time to make another hair band.

Happy Thursday people.


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It has been quite a while since I bought anything but supplies on Etsy. Here are a few things I could not resist. First from SanibelSands:

Cat brooch

A cat reading in Victorian garb. I can pretend this brooch was made with me in mind.


Louis XVI shoe brooch

I’m not sure if this is on the side of so very right or so very wrong. Either way I love it.

Endless Daydream by Amy Earles

A signed print by the very talented Amy Earles of Wool and Water. I have one of her paper dolls but I just haven’t had the heart to cut it out yet.


I’m supposed to be making feather hairpieces this weekend but I am finding it hard to come up with the enthusiasm. I’ll get it done though, after all, you can’t love every aspect of your job. I also spent almost $100 on supplies for them too – another reason to get down to work.

Oh, oh and I am getting a red bicycle with a basket for my birthday from my Marmie. It rocks. Thanks Sonya for letting me know where to pick one up.


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I picked up these gorgeous little ceramics at a thrift shop today for the princely sum of 50c each. So sweet.

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skirt black pencil high waist suspenders


A great little skirt from Inspired Insanity under $40. The business is run by a cool Roller Derby chick, so it is nice to support a small business.

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Just some little extras that were in my DP order. I am a sucker for coloured tights and I really needed some skinny belts as I already have some thick ones.

Cream sheer floral tights

Cream sheer floral tights

Red opauqe tights

Red opauqe tights

Black skinny bow belt

Black skinny bow belt


Stone fixed bow skinny belt

Stone fixed bow skinny belt


I make pretty much all my own jewellery and hair accessories. I’ll do a post on them soon.



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Dear Dorothy Perkins you make my life simple.

Love Nadine.

£113 including shipping and I am done with shopping for the new season. Yay!

Peter Pan collar and stripes FTW

Butterfly print

Roman Holiday frock

Vintage style soft dress

Black petal ruffle dress

Black petal ruffle dress


Floral tea dress one

Floral tea dress two

Candy stripes

Ballerina print frock

With my previous haul I now have everything I need. I can even “winterize” them with spencers and cardigans.

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