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skirt black pencil high waist suspenders


A great little skirt from Inspired Insanity under $40. The business is run by a cool Roller Derby chick, so it is nice to support a small business.


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Just some little extras that were in my DP order. I am a sucker for coloured tights and I really needed some skinny belts as I already have some thick ones.

Cream sheer floral tights

Cream sheer floral tights

Red opauqe tights

Red opauqe tights

Black skinny bow belt

Black skinny bow belt


Stone fixed bow skinny belt

Stone fixed bow skinny belt


I make pretty much all my own jewellery and hair accessories. I’ll do a post on them soon.



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Dear Dorothy Perkins you make my life simple.

Love Nadine.

£113 including shipping and I am done with shopping for the new season. Yay!

Peter Pan collar and stripes FTW

Butterfly print

Roman Holiday frock

Vintage style soft dress

Black petal ruffle dress

Black petal ruffle dress


Floral tea dress one

Floral tea dress two

Candy stripes

Ballerina print frock

With my previous haul I now have everything I need. I can even “winterize” them with spencers and cardigans.

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Super Shop!

Went a little crazy at the Dorothy Perkins sale. Paid £115 and got a great swag.


French Summer Frock


Lime bouquet heart back dress


Peter Pan collar polka dot print


Citrus summer frock one

Citrus summer frock two


Bold monochrome


Hummingbird and floral frock


Edwardian style georgette top




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New shoes

Black and tans


Yet another pair of cute shoes for under $30 from Rivers. Very happy indeed.

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Red T-Bar

I spent a little time on the Rivers sale site and lo and behold money magically flew from my credit card to their shopping cart.

I love these little cuties:

Bow tops

And finally I got another pair of my favourite every day shoes:

comfy cuties


Who knew I would love shoes?

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Silhouettes by Art&Ghosts

Above recent arrivals from Art&Ghosts. I cannot recommend Louise’s art more. Not only is it simply exquisite, her customer service is extraordinary and generous and she always pops in something extra.

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