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It has been quite a while since I bought anything but supplies on Etsy. Here are a few things I could not resist. First from SanibelSands:

Cat brooch

A cat reading in Victorian garb. I can pretend this brooch was made with me in mind.


Louis XVI shoe brooch

I’m not sure if this is on the side of so very right or so very wrong. Either way I love it.

Endless Daydream by Amy Earles

A signed print by the very talented Amy Earles of Wool and Water. I have one of her paper dolls but I just haven’t had the heart to cut it out yet.


I’m supposed to be making feather hairpieces this weekend but I am finding it hard to come up with the enthusiasm. I’ll get it done though, after all, you can’t love every aspect of your job. I also spent almost $100 on supplies for them too – another reason to get down to work.

Oh, oh and I am getting a red bicycle with a basket for my birthday from my Marmie. It rocks. Thanks Sonya for letting me know where to pick one up.



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Still life

Some creepy taxidermy I spied at an antiques fair not so long ago. All taxidermy is creepy really.


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Please excuse my reinterpretation of a Cocteau Twins song title above. Yesterday I had a wonderful morning thrift shopping. Besides what I have pictured here I also found some lovely tops and skirts and a plethora of old frames. I just need to be less lazy and paint them up.

etsy and thrifting

I adore the little boot vase and the vintage lucky neko statuettes. The gorgeous prints are by Erin Paisley at eekdesign on etsy. I was also fairly lucky with thrift store book purchases snagging a paperback A S Byatt and a hard cover Ian McEwan, as well as the book pictured above “Savage Girls and Wild Boys: A History of Feral Children” which is a true find.

The weather here is truly awful at the moment – hard rain all day. I am hoping it clears soon as I have a market to do on Saturday.

Oh as an aside, I found a raspberry beret at a second hand store. Now I am trying to exorcise Prince songs from my mental jukebox.

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Lovelies from LaLaLand

I am so super excited to be getting these prints from LaLaLand. I adore the conjoined twins by Lisa Falzon, but even better are two of my favourite pieces by Stephen Mackey. If only I could find a print of ‘Magic Uncle’ I think I would die of joy.


The weekend ahead is for getting stuff done which mainly means painting some frames, printing some cards and making a few pieces of jewellery here and there. I need to add to my oil painting too which is now sufficiently dried for me to work on the second layer. I expect Poe the cat will want to assist me in all these endeavours as he is a helper cat. He particularly likes to help me eat custard. He is asleep right now and I think I shall photograph him.


Master Poe


And there he is. He is currently helping me post this by insisting I hold him whilst he sleeps, thus ensuring one-handed typing.


Good night!

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Anna's Collection


Fresh flowers


Poe the cat


Basil the cat


new shoes



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Books March 31st

Oh Book Depository… you slay me!


Spent a lovely day (and night) with dear friend Sonya and her gorgeous little critters Sky and Indigo. Such beautiful little girls. Did some thrift shopping and came away with some standards (black skirts etc.) and almost bought a bizarre picture, trompe le oeil, something or other clock but found it just too far on the wrong side of wrong to be right. More thrift shopping tomorrow.

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Saturday finds


Sitting with my feet up after another lovely Twilight Market in Lismore. Popped in to Rivers and found these fantastic brogues at $20 a pair. Whisked away a lovely handmade bag by Lilyjam Designs which is much prettier in person. ┬áTonight I was surrounded by lush plants (David and Anna’s stall) and precious people. So glad this will be a fortnightly event!

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