20 percent off!


Only at Tutti Frutti on Magellan street Lismore, 20% off the marked price of all stock. This means you can get a pair of earrings, a brooch or a bow tie all for $8 each. Sale runs from Dec 28 until Jan 3.

Image via Art and Ghosts

This one is going to be a beauty folks with the gorgeous Ruthie-ma-Toothie playing their sweet sounds and the Barkersvale Bros with their banjos a’duellin’.

Twilight Market Oct 22nd

Market day

Some shots of my bits and bobs from the September Lismore Twilight Market.

Rings and necklaces

More necklaces

Hair clips

Hair clips

Floral canvas coin purses

Unisex pins


I am going to also do the Bangalow Market monthly. It is on the fourth Sunday of the month, the day after the Twilight market.

I want to really encourage people to visit the Lismore Twilight Market as it is a lovely evening and very casual. Stall holders have a lovely time.

Garage noir

It is well on impossible to look suitably mysterious and femme fatale-esque when taking photos in Photobooth on the Mac and sitting in an ill lit garage. I need to get some decent shots of my hair thingies and I only have me as a model at the moment. So here are the incongruous shots of me in day old make-up trying to fit my whole head into the shot.


Black roses, pearls and rhinstones with netting and feathers $25


Lace bow with silver satin inlay $18


Black rose with pale pink feathers and netting $25


Green and black feathers with filigree accents $25


Spring white flower with velvet leaves and buds $25


All will be available at the next Lismore Twilight Market and look so much better in person.

Present for me

I forgot that in my supply hunter mode I found something I had to get for myself.  From the quite wondrous etsy shop Memmori.

Beheaded woman medal

I do love medals, oh and waistcoats, and ties. This little jewel rocks my world.

Supplies, supplies, supplies

From Fallen Angel brass


I’ll readily admit that much of what I make isn’t that difficult to do. There are exceptions of course, but generally the skill level required is not so much on the high side. Where some of the skill comes in however is through the tracking down and purchasing of supplies. It can take me a couple of days to do a decent supply order. Much of what comes is fairly basic; earring hooks, brooch backs, head pins and jump rings. Some of what comes is quite fun like the angel wings pictured and I look forward to those parcels the most.

This week I have been tracking down feathers, glue, ribbon, velvet flowers, head bands and little gems. I also needed to do a big restock on chains and clasps. It isn’t very interesting stuff, but it is what keeps this tiny cottage (garage) industry going. And, this industry is going… time to make another hair band.

Happy Thursday people.


Hair things

Over thirty new hairbands/hairclips are now for sale at Gingerlily Main Street Alstonville. A sample below… shame I had to use myself as the model and I probably should have worn something more girly than my favourite stripy tee.

Velvet flowers, leaves and twig with bud accents.


Each hairband is a one of a kind and made by using fabric flowers, feathers, lace, netting and vintage jewellery and doilies.

Hairbands are $25 and clips $20.