Etsy gems

It has been quite a while since I bought anything but supplies on Etsy. Here are a few things I could not resist. First from SanibelSands:

Cat brooch

A cat reading in Victorian garb. I can pretend this brooch was made with me in mind.


Louis XVI shoe brooch

I’m not sure if this is on the side of so very right or so very wrong. Either way I love it.

Endless Daydream by Amy Earles

A signed print by the very talented Amy Earles of Wool and Water. I have one of her paper dolls but I just haven’t had the heart to cut it out yet.


I’m supposed to be making feather hairpieces this weekend but I am finding it hard to come up with the enthusiasm. I’ll get it done though, after all, you can’t love every aspect of your job. I also spent almost $100 on supplies for them too – another reason to get down to work.

Oh, oh and I am getting a red bicycle with a basket for my birthday from my Marmie. It rocks. Thanks Sonya for letting me know where to pick one up.



Fleur de Saison



For quite a while now I have been crushing on the gorgeous sounds of Mademoiselle Emile Simon. Not only is she quirky, French and immensely talented, she’s cute as a button to boot.

Off you go to YouTube and have a listen.

P.S. If anyone likes her octopus necklace I have one I can make up.

Hey there good lookin’

The gorgeous Genna P. models my Ship Song pendant. What a spunk!

If you think she looks good, you should hear how she sounds. Catch her band Ruthie-ma-Toothie whenever you get the chance for a fantastic gig.


After a pretty poor showing at the Twilight Markets where only the brave and bold soldiered on, a pretty little birdy whispered to me about a market happening tomorrow.

And hey presto! I have a stall at Fruitopia, run by Tropical Fruits Inc. The pitch goes something like this:

With only a hop-skip and sashay from the onset of spring, this August Tropical Fruits will be hosting a fun day for GLBT fruity families, friends, and pooches.  After the huge success of our inaugural Fruitopia Fair Day last year – a fabulous fun day for the Tropical Fruits Community which raised nearly $3,000 for the Tropical Fruits Land Fund – FRUITOPIA returns bigger and better than ever on SUNDAY, AUGUST 28.

To be held at the Lismore Showgrounds between 9am-4pm, the fair day will be a FUNdraising event for the ‘Erif Benham Memorial Land Fund: A Home For Tropical Fruits’.  Fruitopia offers a cornucopia of fruity delights, playing host to a range of market stalls, dog shows, lookalike competitions, kids games, drag shows, live music, DJs, face painting, raffles, Trash and Treasure and the not-to-be-missed ACON ‘Cake My Day’ Bake-Off.  Dog Show registration is at 9:30am for at 10am start, with categories including best dressed, look alike, best singing dog and musical bales.

And here is the pretty picture:

Fruitopia Fair Day Poster 2011


Personally I’m looking forward to the singing dog competition. Their owners were bound to teach them some pretty sweet show tunes.

Is it strange that my biggest concern right now is what to wear?

So those in the Lismore area, come along, sounds like it will be an absolute blast!

A bunch of pretty bows and flowers.

Mini brass bow and pearls


Maxi bow and pearls


Tattoo Swallow with black glass drops


Resin roses and pearls


All available at the Lismore Twilight market this Saturday 2pm – 7pm corner Magellan and Carrington Streets.


The studio, part one

The beginnings of my studio. Far from complete, but working thus far.

Twine and pencil case and ueber kitsch oil painting


The workbench


More workbench


Workbench detail


Cabinet to hold all my supplies


Cabinet detail


Desk corner and pinboard


Desk detail


Another use for the clothesline


Inspiration books and journals


So much still to do!

Lismore Twilight Market

A new little flyer for the Lismore Twilight Market. Printable version available via email for people who think it is nifty to join a street team.

Also a brand new blog for the market: http://lismoretwilightmarket.wordpress.com/